The History & The Magic Beaches
of Sivota

Sivota or Mourtos, is a seaside tourist center, in an area full of olive trees and wonderful beaches with separate beaches. During the Turkish occupation the village was called Mourtos, but in 1959 from the naval battle of Sivota that had taken place in 433 BC. took the name Sivota.

It is located only 24km. south of Igoumenitsa, opposite Corfu. The natural beauties of the area also attract Greek foreign tourists, showing a particular increase in recent years. Sivota, with Plataria, Faskomilia, Skorpina, Argyrotopo and Polyneri, constitute the Municipality of Sivota, based in Plataria.

Sivota of Thesprotia is embraced by the sea with the unique blue that creates an idyllic image. It is surrounded by the islands of Agios Nikolaos and Mavro Oros and you can also visit many remarkable places, with tourist and archaeological interest, and many natural beauties such as: Parga (30 min), Perdika (15 min), Igoumenitsa (15 min), Paxos ( 30 min), Corfu, Ioannina, Zagorochoria, Metsovo, Preveza, Amvrakiko etc.

Below are the beautiful beaches of Sivota:



It is located very close to the center of the village. The beach has sand and has a shop where you can sit and enjoy the coffee and have a snack. The sea is generally warm.



It is right after the French the beach has sand, the waters are warm and you can sit for food or coffee. There are also water slides for young and old in the company.



We are moving away from the center of the village. The beach has pebbles and is quite quiet. The sea is also warm and you can enjoy the view of Ag. Nicholas.


Bella Vraka

Incredible beach !!! You should definitely visit it. The beach is located on the island of Mourtemeno. You cross the island by crossing the sea on foot where the water reaches up to the knee. You will not find anything to eat nor a refreshment for it before you go get the essentials.


Mega Ammos

It is outside the village in the direction of Perdika. It is the in beach of Sivota with many cafe - bar restaurants. The beach is organized and the waters are cool and have pebbles.


Mikri Ammos

Immediately after Mega Ammos is Mikri Ammos where you will find food and a bar. It is organized.



Η Ζάβια είναι εκτός χωριού με κατεύθυνση το χωριό πέρδικα. Η θάλασσα εκεί είναι αρκετά δροσερή. Είναι οργανωμένη. Θα βρείτε φαγητό - bar.


Mega Drafo

Leaving Mikri Ammos in the direction of Perdika you will find the beach Mega Trafo. The car should be left on the road high up. The beach has sand and pebbles. There is a canteen that offers you the basics.


Pisina (Pool)

The name says it all! It is located on the island of Agios Nikolaos. Access is by boat only. The sea is quite cool but these waters will be unforgettable!


Agia Paraskevi

It is after the beach Mega Drafo and I must point out that it belongs to the village of Perdika. The sea is warm and has something exotic. There is a small island which is located a very short distance from the beach.